Turkish TV series tells the story of the Seljuk Turkmen Empire

On September 28, the state-run Turkish TV channel TRT1 will start showing the new historical series "Awakening: the Great Seljuks" (Tur. Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu).

The plot of the series is set against the background of historical events in the era when the power of the Seljuk Turkmens was at the Zenith of glory and power. The series will artistically tell about the personality of Melik Shah I (played by Bugra Gulsoy), the son of Alp-Arslan, who led the Seljuk Empire to its greatest prosperity. Melik Shah became famous not only as a political figure and reformer, but also as a patron of architects, scientists, philosophers and poets.

One of the Central lines will be the struggle of the Seljuk Empire with the hashshashins (assassins), led by Hasan Ibn al-Sabbah.

The plot will not ignore the power struggle between the heirs of Melik Shah. Whose youngest son, who became the last ruler of the dynasty – Ahmad Sanjar – is played by Ekin Koch.




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