Yogurt Program

I've been making Yogurt in my oven lately, it works quite well.

Things that don't work well:

There aren't many cook options that include the thermometer.  I end up using Reheat, which takes a long time.

>> Would be nice if the thermometer were an option in more programs.

Nice to get the notification when my temp (180F) is reached.

The next stage is 110F, at which time I add the culture. I've been checking on the cool down process, or sometimes even stick my milk in the refrigerator.

So a Yogurt program would be nice.


It would also be really, really nice to have an Advanced Cook feature that allows the user to enter multiple cooking stages on their own, use the thermometer, etc.  And save those to our own library. That would be awesome.  I'd be totally fine with June, Inc. harvesting my cook data to see what I'm doing with their oven.




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