Dutch Ovens for the June Oven

I recently purchased a Dutch Oven for my June (2nd Gen) Oven, which was a little tricky since I wasn't able to find interior dimensions. It didn't help that the Amazon links on the June Oven website mostly led to product that was no longer available.

I ultimately purchased a 2 3/4 qt. Dutch Oven from Le Creuset, but I do also know that the same capacity Dutch Oven from Staub will also fit into the June Oven. Here, I thought it might be helpful if there was a comprehensive-ish list of products that will fit within a range of pricepoints; not everyone is looking to spend hundreds on a Dutch Oven.

My last question is with regards to placement. Common sense tells me that only the bottom rack is suitable for cooking with the June; is this always the case? Has anyone used a Dutch Oven that was able to sit on the middle rack? Would very much appreciate any direction that can be provided here!




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