Lockout or confirmation feature on June App

Hello Everyone,

I'm a happy (and passionate) June Oven fan but want to share a concern that appear to not receive the attention it deserves.  

In the last few weeks, there are two reported instances of the June Oven turning on without proper confirmation.  The latest (with video) is located here that involved an oven cooking at 400 degrees for four hours!

It seems an important liability concern and one that could be addressed by a few features of the June App:

  1. A "lockout" feature to prevent an oven from cooking programs during certain hours.
  2. A "confirmation" feature that requires a code to begin a cooking program remotely

In the connected IoT world, it's far more likely to have these situations.  Some defensive capabilities for the June Oven would help us all sleep better at night!  

Can you provide us some feedback to make sure you're aware and working on the situation?  Thanks!



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    Thank you Keith for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. We are officially working on safeguards to prevent accidental remote preheats. These will be released via future software updates. We will keep you posted when this update has been released to the customers. 

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