Improvements to More Options Settings

I love my June and now that I've been using it for a while, I have a few suggestions to hopefully make it even better.

Most of the time when I use the Bake mode, I also want the convection fans on.  Currently, to do this, you have to do 5 taps to turn them on and return to the "Now Cooking" screen; More Options - Convection Fans - On - Back - Back. 

Three Suggestions:

1.  Remember all last-used options for each mode and automatically apply them the next time that mode is used again.  Ex:  If I turn on the Convection Fans in bake mode, then the next time I use Bake mode, the fans should default to On.

2. For options that are a toggle (on/off, etc.) such as the Convection Fans - enable a simple tap to toggle their setting rather than a tap to enter that setting, then a tap to choose the other of the two settings, then the back arrow.  Ex:  The Convection Fans line item would say whether it's on or off and tapping that line would just toggle to the other setting.

3.  For anything past the Now Cooking screen, time-out and return to the Now Cooking screen after 5 seconds of inactivity.  Ex:  Tap into More Options and when done in there, just return to the Now Cooking screen 5 seconds after touching the last thing rather than having to manually press the Back arrow to show the Now Cooking screen again.




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