June oven affecting other appliances???

So,... I know this may sound ridiculous to others, but i have to ask it anyway due to an ongoing issue we're having with our microwave.  Is anyone else seeing problems with capacitive buttons on other appliances placed near the June Ovens?  Our oven sits on the counter above our drawer microwave.  We've had to replace the capacitive panel a couple times since.  I tried to convince my wife that this can't be possible but I promised i'd ask.  



  • The oven does draw significant power, so that could affect other appliances on the circuit. 

    I found that when the June was running, my TiVo couldn't receive a couple of cable channels.  It had had intermittent problems with those channels already, but it appears that when the June was running, it didn't have enough power to receive them at all.  I put a signal booster on the cable and that fixed the problem, so if it weren't for the June, I would have kept getting annoyed by the spotty reception on those channels.

    You could move the June off that circuit, or consider this a sign there's something already wrong with the microwave that needed fixing.

    Another possibility is getting a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) so that the June would draw power from its battery instead of directly from the circuit, so the power draw on the circuit is normal.

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  • Hmm... didn't think of it that way.  Definitely sounds plausible.  Since we just got our second panel, when it starts to fail i'll move the oven.  If miraculously it works afterwards, then I'll definitely have to move the oven to another circuit.  Thanks for the insight.  

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