Reheating liquids?

Is there any easy way to reheat liquids like milk? We had hoped our June would be a microwave replacement for simple functions like warming milk but using Reheat for 1 minute with a ceramic mug mostly just seems to heat the mug itself.



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    We do not recommend reheating liquids like coffee or milk in coffee mugs in the June Oven for safety reasons. 

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  • Microwave ovens "superheat" liquids by shaking up their molecules, so they only take about a minute.  Ovens like the June and conventional ovens heat the air around food which then heats the food through conduction, and takes a much longer time.  The preferred temperature for a hot beverage is about the same for a medium steak.  It will take about as long to heat a beverage as to cook a medium steak in the June.

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