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When preheating the current temperature is displayed and you can watch the heating progress. However, if you are impatient and put food in right away, the screen only displays the target temperature. Seems like there is plenty of screen real estate to display the current and target temp. This may also be helpful in cases where you open the oven to check on food and want to see how much the temp has dropped when you close the door.



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  • Hi Simon! I can understand the desire. The reason we only show the target temperature is pretty simple. As you know, the temperature drops when you open the door too long or add a big cold item (like meat from the refrigerator). And after a temperature drop, it's the oven's job the regain the lost heat as quickly as it can.

    But in our testing, actually seeing that temperature drop caused confusion (and in some cases, anxiety). Even though it's normal and expected, it looks weird to see your oven below the temperature you told it to be. Since we'd rather avoid confusion and anxiety, we put that realtime temperature info into the mobile app where more advanced users can find it if they want, but left it off the main display.

    (And I have to encourage you to preheat your oven fully. Impatience aside, it preheats much faster when it's empty!)


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