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Hi there. Can the tech team please share the following, if they don't mind of course. What exactly is the product heating technology - Conduction, Convection or Radiation? The transfer of energy by the emission of electromagnetic radiation - ionizing radiation or non-ionizing and levels? Multiple Cooking Functions - not sure if the product already has it, but in addition to regular baking, does the oven creators plan to offer features such as defrosting mode, fast cooking, delicate cooking? Any extra in-dept specs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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    June oven has six heating elements with carbon fiber braids in a sealed inert gas tube. The inert gas prevents carbon from oxidized when heated. The use of carbon fiber is unique in the cooking space. Compared to traditional heating elements, carbon fiber heats up much faster and is more energy efficient.
    In addition to the six heating elements, there are two convection-fans that circulate air within the cavity and over the food.
    Cooking in the oven happens with all three modes of heat transfer - convection, conduction, and radiant heat.
    Convection, natural or forced basically moves hot air around the food to heat it up. The air draws heat from contact with heating  elements and cavity walls and loses heat to colder food.
    Conduction happens when the food is in contact with something hotter than itself ex. baking pan. You can use the roasting rack  insert with the baking pan to bias cooking through convection vs. conduction from the pan.
    Radiant heat is in the infrared spectrum therefore non-ionizing, it's mix of far and near IR.
    The oven has been designed from the ground up to be completely controlled by software and the software is designed to be updated remotely. This allows June to implement cooking techniques in software and share them with all customers. We recently added new modes and are actively working to keep improving the software and cooking experience in the future. We're always open to suggestions (sounds like you might like a defrost mode?), feel free to contact us at support@juneoven.com.
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