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    The June Oven's software does not integrate with Google Home at this time. I will be sure to share your feedback with our team for future June Oven updates. 

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  • Sorely disappointed Google Home doesn't work with my new oven. You might want to add more capabilities to the Alexa app as well.

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  • I just received my June Gen 2 oven and set it up last night.  I am now looking into enjoying all of it Smart Home features.  I was surprised to find out that it does not support Google Home Assistant.

    In the beginning of the Smart Home timeline, I actually had both Echo (Alexa) and Google mini.  At the end of the day, since I have a Samsung mobile home, the Google won out.  I now have the Google Max in the Kitchen, the Google Hub in the bedroom and 4 Google minis to capture our commands.  

    Do I now have unbox my Echo to work with my June Oven???


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