UI Improvement for Time Selection

When setting times on the oven's screen, there is a scale with the set time above and tick marks for major time selections below.

The current workflow is to drag the scale left or right to set the time as shown above.  Dragging is in 1 minute intervals.

I propose that tapping on any of the major time selections below the scale would jump to that setting rather than trying to drag the scale precisely to the time you want.

Ex:  I want to set the time to 15 minutes.  I swipe on the scale until the major tick mark for 15 is visible and than tap on the "15" to set the time to that.  Tap the OK button (checkmark) and done!



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  • Hey Scott! Funnily enough that's how it works today, but because the little ticks are so close together it might be a little finicky to tap it.

    Can you give it another shot for me and tell me if it works when you're really precisely tapping? I'll take the feature request as evidence it's a bit too tough to use and will follow up with our software engineers :)

    (Could you also try it on the temperature screen when you go to preheat your oven? Those ticks are spaced further apart so they seem a little more forgiving in my testing)

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