Edit existing programs and/or modify main menu

It would be great to be able to edit existing programs or at least be able to add presets to the categories for which they apply on the main menu.

For instance, I may feel that the built in Programs -> Leftovers -> Reheat Pizza is a little undercooked. So, I’d love to be able to modify it to suit me rather than creating a ‘Preset’ which hides under Programs -> Custom at the very bottom of the Programs menu and in-turn lumps all presets into a flattened group. This will inevitably lead to a miscommunication in the future where the Preset is not used in-favor of the built-in program.  I’m not sure the distinction between “Preset” and “Program” really needs exist. They’re both “programs” and I’m sure your dev team has had a really fun time differentiating in the code lol. If June feels it absolutely necessary to differentiate for fear that someone may create a terrible Preset and then have a guest or something over who uses it and has a bad experience, then maybe just put like an icon or something on the list item that denotes it is a Custom Program. At least then we’d be able to benefit from the existing taxonomy of the menu system (which is nice). So, please let us modify the menu layout to include our own programs and remove defaults and as a bonus if we could just edit existing ones to our preference that would be cool too!




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