Add an ‘Alert’ step option to Preset Builder

When cooking something like enchiladas we would bake them covered for a period of time, uncover, and then broil for an additional 5. Having an “Alert” or “Wait For User Interaction” that essentially messages the user, plays a little melody on the June, and pauses the oven until the oven door opens and then closes again would allow for this type of recipe. Currently, you set the timer, hit ‘done baking’, then navigate to broil, etc. This ends up showing in the history as 2 separate sessions.



  • Really cool idea. We've always tried to avoid those kinds of alerts in our official June cook programs because we want them to work without any interaction (just in case you don't hear it, are taking a shower, etc)

    But when you're writing your own programs for your own personal use, it's understandable that anything goes :)

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  • I'm looking for this option as well.  Sometimes it would be useful.

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