Switch modes without canceling (Session) and then save as Preset

This is sort of 2 feature requests in one. Our current workflow is similar to the following

1. Bake @ 400 degrees

2. Cancel bake

3. High broil

4. Cancel broil

5. Etc

6. Confirm that the result is what we wanted

7. Go back and set up a Preset


So, the first issue is that you can’t switch between modes without ‘canceling’ (or I can’t figure it out) so the end result isn’t stored as a continuous session. That would be a great feature. The second suggestion would be to have option of saving a session once complete as a Preset. This would streamline the process of manually testing a set of cook steps and then saving once you get it right. It would also be nice to have the option of ‘Save as Preset’ when viewing a past session on the History tab.



  • Great ideas! You're right, you can't currently quick-switch modes. There's not really any "multitasking" in JuneOS. But if you could switch, then saving the resulting entry from your iOS History as a Cook-Program would be a great development shortcut.

    Just out of interest: what are you cooking with this 400°F bake + broil? It sounds eerily similar to what I do with baking a frozen pizza base, then topping it and broiling to melt the cheese :)

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  • Hah, the steps were made up just to illustrate the concept but we did in-fact make homemade sweet potato fries tonight via Bake @ 425 and follow up with High Broil to crisp them.

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