Connected features (IFTTT)

I was accidentally a day one purchaser of the June 2nd gen. (long story). I would love it if there was an IFTTT connection. I say this mainly because June's IoT (internet of things) connections are limited to just Alexa. I personally don't have an echo as we are a google home family. I suggest IFTTT because that integration can allow for people to create whatever they want. Triggers could include something like "Oven on, food/timer done, etc..." while  Actions could be "start oven (with options)" and "Stop oven"

Of course this is a super basic outline but nothing all that different than what the current app provides. Even if the IFTTT integration was that basic it would be amazing.



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  • I would also like to see this happen!! Just got mine and went searching and only found this.

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