Cooked 4 steaks medium steaks all came out rare

Cooked first steak (3oz) medium rare came out rare as heck...

Second steak tried medium (3oz) came out perfect!

Third steak tried medium again came out more medium rare

Fourth came out rare and some parts looked raw...

What gives?? Is it because they were all small 3oz steaks? I got the June oven because I wanted consistency and looks like it's not offering it. Can someone elaborate on what's going on



  • The steak program uses the food thermometer to guide its cooking (Google Image Searching for "steak temperature" returns a lot of temperature/color charts)

    But in my experience there's a lot of variables that affect how the meat turns out: how thick the steak is, where the thermometer is placed in the meat, how quickly you remove the pan from the oven, how long you rest it.

    The program finishes cooking when the steak is a bit below the traditional Medium temperature -- but after removing it and resting it for 3-5 minutes, it reaches the proper temperature June has a video about thermometer placement that has some tips too. The position of the tip of the thermometer is crucial.


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  • When you cook bacon doesnt it ask you how many pieces. Maybe there needs to be a program for 4 ateaks. You can create your own programs. Sounds like this what needs to be done.

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