Siri/HomeKit support, please!

Just placed an order for my June oven, and would really like to see Siri/HomeKit functionality enabled. I've added tons of HomeKit stuff to my house and if I'm adding a smart oven to the mix, would love to be able to control it via Siri as well. If the June has all of the hardware necessary for Alexa, it can do HomeKit, so please add it as a software upgrade! 

Thanks, and really looking forward to receiving my June! 



  • I think the easiest/most useful way to implement Siri support for the June oven would be to add the ability to create Siri shortcuts for the June. I would love to see some basic shortcuts like "Preheat the oven to 350º", but also would love to ability to create more advanced shortcuts as well.

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  • I'll take ANYTHING. This oven is pretty stupid when it comes to voice assistants. June has only ever supported Amazon, which is gross. Just give china some time to copy this tech and give us all the assistants June refuses to be bothered with....and cheaper.

    Hey, June. Just sit there and do nothing. 

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