Adjust Cook Times for Hot Oven

I just got my June Oven a few days ago and am just starting to play around with it.  Tried some steaks the first night and they came out amazing!


Bacon on the other hand, has been a bit more hit-or-miss.  I've only tried it a few times, but from what I can tell, the oven doesn't adjust the cook times for the programs to compensate for an oven that's already hot; it just assumes it's cold and includes preheat time.  I can put in one batch of bacon and set the oven for 6 strips, chewy, thin bacon, and it comes out fine.  If I put a second batch in with the same settings, it comes out crispy and almost burnt.



  • Hi Alan, we do have an adaptive feature where your oven will adjust itself based on its initial temperature so I would like for our team to look into this and follow up via email. Thank you!

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  • I notice the opposite problem with toast as well--- I cook burgers and then toast bread.

    If bread goes into a cold oven, it comes out as perfectly consistent toast. If it goes into an oven that just finished burgers, it comes out undone and I need to hit "keep toasting" at least twice. 

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