Making Risotto in the June

Did you know you can make risotto in the June? It's one of my favorite recipes to make in the June since it's so easy and I don't have to stand over the risotto on the stovetop stirring.

Take any covered vessel/dutch oven (2-3 quarts) and add Arborio rice and hot chicken (or vegetarian) broth to the vessel. Bake the risotto at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. Add butter, more broth, some white wine (food with alcohol is the best!), Parmesan and your favorite toppings like English peas, mushrooms, shrimp, or anything your heart desires and stir for 2 minutes and voilá, you have a delicious easy risotto!



  • This sounds fantastic. You answered my question about can I use Oven cookware (glass or metal). Do you know if the silicone bakeware can be used with JUNE?

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  • You can use silicone bakeware in the June up to 500 degrees! Enjoy and let us know what you cook up!

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