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   Our family loves June (and calls her by name).  The sweet potato preset is spot on, and my mother loves to eat one for breakfast.  The suggestion is 2 part:

1 - timer option to start/finish a preset at a given time i.e. we could place a sweet potato in the June the night before and suggest a time for it to start/finish baking.  This would also be useful for crock pot cooking.

2 - the app allows starting June at a given temp - but not starting a given preset.

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  • Thanks for the suggestions, John! #2 is something that's come up internally here at June a few times, as well.  This comment is a great way to vote in favor of making it happen. #1 is interesting, but that particular use case hasn't come up before; we'll need to think it through a bit to make sure we understand all the angles.

    We've taken your suggestions under advisement, and are tracking them internally. No promises as to if or when they might happen at this time, but definitely great input. Thank you!


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  • I agree, esp with the preset time option.

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