How to share songs from Spotify for Android

Do you want to share your favorite songs in Instagram Stories or on Facebook? Don't worry, you can carry out this operation in an extremely simple way and without having to inconvenience long and cumbersome procedures. Below I will explain how to proceed in both cases.

To share a Spotify song in Instagram stories, first, start the Spotify Premium Apk app free download on page, identify the content you want to share (a song, an entire album, or, as seen above, a playlist), tap the (⋮) button corresponding to it, choose the Share item from the screen that opens and select the Instagram Stories item from the next panel (on some Android smartphones, you may have to press the More button to view all the apps available for sharing). At this point, all you have to do is proceed with the publication of your story, acting as you normally would. For more guidance on the latter topic, you can read my guide on how to create Stories on Instagram.

Sharing Spotify Content on Facebook is very similar to that already seen for Instagram Stories: locate the playlist, song, or album of your interest, press the button (⋮) next to it, choose the Share item from the menu (or panel) that opens on the screen, then tap on the Facebook option present among the available choices. If everything went well, you should see the app screen installed on your device (if you are working from a smartphone or tablet) or a browser window (if you are working from your computer, or if the mobile device is not installed) appear. Facebook app). Have you seen it? It wasn't that hard!




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