Big news for May: Trader Joe's and Impossible Burger Cook-Programs are here!

by Hannah Parsons


You asked, we listened-and now, we've added your Trader Joe's favorites to our ever-growing list of June Cook-Programs. Who knows, you might already have some hiding in your freezer! Plus, don't miss our much-requested, just-added Impossible™ Burger Cook-Program (details below).

Cook up all your Trader Joe's faves:

  • Chicken Spring Rolls
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls
  • Mini Chicken Tacos 
  • Mini Beef Tacos
  • Mini Chicken Tikka Samosas
  • Mini Vegetable Samosas 
  • Coconut Shrimp
  • Party Size Mini Meatballs

June puts the Mmmm in meatless.

Our all-new Impossible Burger Cook-Programs lets you select your desired level of doneness (Pink or No-Pink) with just one tap. Together with our Beyond Meat® Cook-Programs for cooking meatless burgers and sausages perfectly, you might say we’re really beefing up our vegetarian options!

Remember, you can access these and hundreds of other Cook-Programs anytime by tapping Programs on your June. Just make sure you’re running the latest software by checking for updates on your oven.

Don't see your favorites? Let us know.

We're always adding new Cook-Programs and recipes at June - and looking for more! Email your requests to or post them to our Cook-Programs and Recipe Requests page.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and happy cooking from all of us at June.