Dirty Camera Detection

by Hannah Parsons


The June Oven now recognizes when the camera is dirty and will provide you with a notification to clean your oven.

Having a clean camera allows the June Oven to accurately detect any food that has been placed inside and in identifying what type of food it is.

Here’s a tip. You can always look inside and check to see if the camera is dirty, but you can also check by going to the live camera view in the companion app on your mobile device. If the image you see from this view is not clear, it is time to clean the camera!

We recommend wiping the camera daily with a damp cloth and if there is any grease build-up, you can use a hot soapy cloth. Be cautious of the heating elements that are around the camera. It can help to place one hand on top of the oven to balance yourself as you look inside while cleaning.