Latest June Oven Pricing, Effective July 1, 2019

by Dorie Shapiro

Why are you increasing your oven prices?

The US recently increased tariffs on imported products manufactured in China. We were able to absorb the first tariff increase last year, minimizing customer impact, but for this second increase, unfortunately, we had to pass along some of this cost to our customers. The increase forced us to increase our prices.   We appreciate your continued support and confidence in June Oven.

If these tariffs are removed, will the price go back down?

We cannot predict what will happen with future trade tariffs. We remain committed to keeping our prices as reasonable as we can based on costs.

Will there be any additional consumer impact from the tariffs?

While these tariffs are less than ideal for many U.S. businesses, we have to focus on impacting the things we can by continuing to support our customers and ship new Cook-Programs and software updates.

Will you continue to manufacture in China?

For the time being we are not making any changes, we will wait to see what happens with the tariffs and sales.