What happens if I select one of the options in the Maintanence menu?

by June Admin

The following options in the Maintenance menu are:

  • Update Software: You are asking the June Oven to check to ensure it is on the latest software, be sure to check that it is connected to your home network.
  • Schedule Cleaning: We cannot clean your oven for you, but you can set daily, weekly, or monthly reminders to keep your June Oven sparkly clean as if it just came out of its box!
  • Restart This Oven: You are rebooting the June Oven.
  • Erase Data and Settings: You are restoring your June Oven back to factory setting, which means June will be restored back to its original settings, erasing your device’s name, WiFi settings, and authentication information. We ask that you refrain from doing this if you encountered a problem as this will prevent us from looking into your oven logs and ensure it doesn't happen again to you or anyone else!