How do I use the Dehydrate Cook Mode?

by June Admin

The Dehydrate Cook Mode is designed to dry food so that moisture can be dissipated. The June Oven's convection setting works well as a food dehydrator because it runs a very low and consistent heat, limiting radiated heat to slowly dehydrate foods. You can also use the Dehydrate Cook Mode to manually dehydrate from 100-175°F.

You can dehydrate fruit, vegetables and meat with June's Air Basket(s). There are currently three Cook-Programs for Dehydrate: Apples, Strawberries (both under Fruit and Nuts) and Beef Jerky (under Meat). You can also use the Dehydrate Cook Mode to manually dehydrate from 100-175°F.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Cut food into ¼ inch or ⅛ inch slices; a mandoline will give you more consistent slices than a knife.
  2. Put a drip tray or foil in one of the Air Baskets and place it on the bottom shelf position if you’re dehydrating moist foods that are likely to drip (ripe fruit, meat, etc.) to make cleanup easier.
  3. You may want to coat some fruits with lemon juice or citric acid to reduce browning.
  4. If you’re searching for dehydration recipes online, follow the Dehydrator instructions rather than “oven dehydrate” instructions. We’ve programmed the Dehydrate cook mode on the June to act like a true dehydrator.
  5. You do not need to rotate racks in the June Oven as you would in a traditional dehydrator. Our convection is very strong and the heat is very even.
  6. Remove a piece of dried food from the oven, and let it cool before you taste it to determine its level of dryness.
  7. The Air Baskets are not dishwasher safe. Please gently wash the baskets with soap and warm water. Please rinse well and dry before use.