Air Fry and Dehydrate Instructions

by Dorie Shapiro

How to Air Fry and Dehydrate in your June

With June’s  Air Basket accessory, you can air fry chicken, fries or just about anything and eat them without all that guilt (that means we can eat double the amount, right?).

Not only can you air fry, you can also dehydrate fruit, vegetables and meat with the Air Basket. Stock up on dehydrated strawberries, mango slices and beef jerky to get you through the winter. We have three preset programs for Dehydrate: Apples, Strawberries (both under Fruit and Nuts) and Beef Jerky (under Meat). You can also use the Dehydrate Cook Mode to manually dehydrate from 100-175°F. 

The Air Baskets are not dishwasher safe. Please gently wash the accessories with soap and warm water. Please rinse well and dry before use.

Air Fry Tips:

  1. We recommend using air fry recipes instead of oven fry and deep fried recipes. Air fry recipes work best in the June Oven.
  2. Spray a generous amount of oil on food before cooking unless the food that you are frying has plenty of fat.
  3. Air fry works best with dry breading made of breadcrumbs, panko or flour. Wet batter/breading such as milk, butter, or eggs on food is not recommended for air fry because it will drip on the heating elements, which could cause smoke. 
  4. Put a drip tray or foil in one of the Air Baskets and place it on the bottom shelf position to avoid crumbs falling and liquids dripping onto the bottom of the oven to make cleanup easier.
  5. Avoid using parchment paper on the Air Basket as it will affect cooking results. 

Dehydrate Tips:

  1. Cut food into ¼ inch or ⅛ inch slices. A mandoline will give you more consistent slices than a knife.
  2. Put a drip tray or foil in one of the Air Baskets and place it on the bottom shelf position if you’re dehydrating moist foods that are likely to drip (ripe fruit, meat, etc.) to make cleanup easier.
  3. You may want to coat some fruits with lemon juice or citric acid to reduce browning.
  4. If you’re searching for dehydration recipes online, follow the Dehydrator instructions rather than “oven dehydrate” instructions. We’ve programmed the Dehydrate cook mode on the June to act like a true dehydrator.
  5. You do not need to rotate racks in the June Oven as you would in a traditional dehydrator. Our convection is very strong and the heat is very even.