I received a notification from June that my June Oven is overheating. What does it mean?

by June Admin

If your oven starts to get too hot, a safety feature in June Oven’s software will disengage your cooking process by ending the cooking session immediately. You will receive a notification on the oven display that the oven is overheating, and that it is in the process of cooling down. In this situation, June will run the convection fans on a high setting to lower the temperature.

What should I do if my oven says it is overheating?

  • Do not unplug the oven or open the oven door as this may interrupt the fan-cooling process.
  • Check oven ventilation to see if there is an obstruction to airflow.
  • When the overheating message is gone, you may resume cooking.

The oven also has a mechanical thermal cut-off switch - it’s the first thing the current passes through before going anywhere else in the oven. If the oven gets too hot, it will shut off completely. The cut-off point occurs well before there would be safety concerns or physical damage to the oven.


If you need further assistance, please contact June Support.