Air Fry Cook Mode

by Weber Grills

Air Frying in June Oven


Added in 2017, Air Fry transforms your June Oven into a countertop air fryer and brings healthier new cooking possibilities to your weeknight dinner rotation.

How it works

The Air Fry Cook Mode reduces the radiant heat output from the elements and relies on June’s powerful dual convection fans to circulate hot air, promoting evenly browned and crisped exteriors. Paired with our Air Baskets, hot air is able to cook food on every side.

Customize your air frying experience

Before preheating, June Oven will instruct you to put food in the basket(s) and remind you to use one foil-lined basket in the bottom shelf position to catch any drips or crumbs. Once the preheat process is complete, it’s time to slide your food into June and start cooking. The Air Fry mode supports temperatures from 100–500 °F. You can choose to set a designated time and have the option of using the Food Thermometer programming a target internal temperature. To learn more about using the Food Thermometer when cooking, check out this guide.

Cook-Programs and Recipes

A unique Cook-Program for frozen french fries was developed to make use of June’s Air Baskets and Air Fry Cook Mode. Additionally, the Cookbook within June app features recipes optimized for air-frying with our Air Baskets. These guided recipes help you prepare classic fried dishes like chicken wings and fish sticks or healthier everyday staples like baked potatoes, pita chips, and even popcorn.

Tips for Getting Started

  • When air frying, always line one Air Basket with foil and have it in the bottom position in the oven to catch drips and crumbs that fall through the upper baskets.
  • Lightly coating an Air Basket with nonstick spray before adding your food will help reduce sticking.
  • Take care not to overfill or crowd the Air Basket with food so air can circulate freely to cook food properly.
  • For larger batches, rotate the Air Basket halfway through cooking (and swap the top and middle baskets, if using two). This will help ensure even browning. Some items may also need to be flipped during cooking for optimal results.
  • Don’t let the hot air out! When moving your air baskets in and out of the oven, work as quickly as possible. If you need to turn your food mid-cook, remove the baskets from the oven and close the oven door, rather than trying to flip your food with the door open.

Frequently asked questions

What types of things Air Fry best?

The Air Fry Cook Mode works best with foods that have dry breadings made of breadcrumbs, panko, or flour that get a coating of oil before cooking. Wet batters (like those used for buttermilk fried chicken, Japanese tempura, or corn dogs) may drip off the food into the oven and could cause smoke.

If I can line my bottom Air Basket with foil, can I line baskets food goes in as well?

We don't recommend that. Air-frying is dependent on good air circulation and using foil in Air Baskets with food will block air circulation underneath and around your food. The foil-lined basket at the bottom is well below the two convection fans at the rear of your oven and doesn’t interfere with cooking. Our recipe for Churros does call for lining an Air Basket with parchment paper before cooking, but this application has been thoroughly tested by our culinary team.

Can I use air fry baskets I bought somewhere else?

We recommend using the June Air Baskets for best results as these have been thoroughly tested by our Culinary team. Using third-party air baskets could affect your cooking. We also don't recommend using just the Nonstick Pan and Roasting Rack as this does not allow for the air to fully circulate around the foods as it does in an Air Basket.

Can I use air fryer recipes from other sources?

You can make nearly any air fryer recipe in June using the Air Fry Cook Mode, but they will need to be adapted to best cook in June and may require some trial-and-error. When adapting an existing recipe for Air Fry, we suggest increasing the temperature 25–40°F and keeping an eye on your food for the duration of the cooking time.

Have other questions about air frying in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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