Pizzaiolo Cook Mode

by Weber Grills

Stone-Fired Pizza with June Oven


The Pizzaiolo Cook Mode is ideal for any fresh-dough recipe, bringing professional quality pizza to your June Oven. The Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle accessory provides a smooth cooking surface that functions like a pizza stone.

How it works

The Pizzaiolo cook mode is designed to be used with the Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle. The June Oven will prompt you to preheat the grill/griddle with the smooth side facing up. Preheating can take up to fifteen minutes and enables the grill/griddle to deliver consistent heat throughout the entire cook process.

Once your oven is fully preheated, it’s time to start making pizzas. Just build your pizza on a pizza peel, transfer it to the preheated surface and set the timer based on your recipe's directions. Most pizzas will be fully cooked in about 7 minutes.

Bring your own recipes or try ours

The Cookbook within the June App has been expanded with new pizza recipes for the grill/griddle, such as a classic Pepperoni Pizza and White Pizza. These recipes feature a built-in timer that will start tracking your pizza’s progress as soon as June sees it placed in the oven.

Frequently asked questions

What does “Pizzaiolo” mean?

“Pizzaiolo” is Italian for “a pizza maker” or “a person who makes pizzas.”

What tips do you have for making pizza at home?
Make sure that all your toppings are prepared in advance so the pizza assembly is quick and the pizza spends the least amount of time on the peel as possible. The longer it sits on the peel, the higher the likelihood it will stick.
Why can’t I adjust the temperature in this mode?
Fresh-dough pizza is better the faster it cooks! 500°F ensures optimal oven spring, which is the rapid expansion of trapped gasses in pizza dough that cause it to rise.
How do I transfer the pizza from the peel to my oven?

Apart from using a little cornmeal on the peel and having the pizza spend as little time on the peel as possible, transferring the pizza off the peel requires a gentle forward and backward motion. Ideally this is one single motion that transfers the entire pizza at once, but you can start with smaller motions for your first pizza.

The cornmeal acts like little ball-bearings and allows the pizza to slide off the board into position on the cast iron surface. Some cornmeal will fall to the bottom of the oven. This can easily be cleaned afterwards by removing the crumb tray. This takes practice and you may not end up with a perfectly round pizza on your first try.

How do you clean up after making pizza?

Allow your Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle to cool completely before removing from the oven for cleaning. When removing the grill/griddle, slide it partially off of the rack to ensure a firm grip, and then carry. Brush off any residual flour or cornmeal. Then proceed to clean with mild dish soap, water, and a non-abrasive sponge or brush.

For more stubborn residue, use a mild cleanser such as Bar Keeper’s Friend or Bon Ami. Do not use bleach and do not place it in the dishwasher. Dry with a towel and store.

Can I use this to make my frozen pizza taste better?

The Pizzaiolo cook mode is designed for fresh-dough pizzas. The fixed temperature setting is too high for most frozen pizzas and will burn the bottoms before the toppings are fully cooked. June offers several Cook-Programs intended for frozen pizzas that bake directly on the oven rack or on the Nonstick Pan.

If you would like to try using the Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle with a frozen pizza, use the Bake cook mode set to the temperature indicated on the package and allow the griddle to preheat with the smooth side up. Bake the pizza directly on the griddle and start checking for doneness at 75% of the time indicated on the package as it may cook quicker than indicated.

Can I use something other than the Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle?
The Pizzaiolo Cook Mode and recipes are designed to use our Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle, which ensures you enjoy the same results we get in our test kitchen. The Pizzaiolo mode hasn’t been tested with third-party products. Using something other than the June Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle may lead to inconsistent cooks.

Have other questions about pizza-making in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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