Broil Cook Mode

by Weber Grills

Broiling in June Oven


One of June Oven’s core features, Broil is perfect for quickly searing seafood, shellfish, and thin cuts of meat.

How it works

The Broil Cook Mode exclusively uses the upper heating elements, providing the intense radiant heat needed to cook foods quickly. The lower heating elements and convection fans are off while broiling.

Customize your broiling experience

With intense heat only coming from one side, this cook mode behaves a little different than the others. Instead of setting a temperature, Broil allows you to select a power level on a 5 to 10 scale, ranging from “Very low” to “Very high” heating element output. The first time you use Broil the default setting is 9, but June will remember the last heat setting used and make that the new default. When broiling you can set the timer or use the Food Thermometer to set a target doneness temperature. To learn more about using the Food Thermometer when cooking, check out this guide.

Broil performs best when food is in the middle rack position, where food is close enough to cook through evenly without being so close it burns before it's done. With the intense heat used for Broil, food will cook and brown much faster than with other Cook Modes and you may want to take advantage of Live Video within the June App to keep an eye on the progress.

Cook-Programs and Recipes

Broil drives our Cook-Programs for foods that you might otherwise prepare outside on a grill, such as steak, pork chops, and burgers. These custom-engineered presets are designed to start from a cold oven, saving you preheating time and help you get dinner on the table faster than ever. Broil also lends a helping hand for several recipes in The Cookbook within the June App, giving our Buffalo Mac and Cheese its signature crunchy top and charring chicken to layer outstanding flavor into our Slow-Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala.

Frequently asked questions

What power level should I use?

The ideal power level will vary depending on the size and shape of what you’re cooking, as well as what the ideal outcome is. In general, we recommend using a lower Broil level when you want to cook something slower and get a more consistent color, while we recommend a higher Broil level for when you want to cook something fast and want the occasional black charring on the surface.

When I broil in my full-size oven, I use the top rack position. Why does June recommend broiling in the middle shelf position?
The middle rack position is a similar distance from June’s top heating elements as the top rack is in a full-size oven. Any closer and the heat could burn your food before it cooks through. The middle rack height is also easier for supervising your food while using Broil.
Can I line the Nonstick Pan with parchment or foil?
Aluminum foil will affect how heat is reflected inside your oven and will change how your food cooks. We don’t recommend lining the Nonstick Pan when using our Cook-Programs or Recipes unless it’s specifically called for. The Nonstick Pan is designed to be easy to clean without the need for foil.
What is the purpose of the roasting rack? Do I really need to use it?
The Roasting Rack is designed to fit snugly in the Nonstick Pan and creates another cooking layer. When cooking meat, this keeps food from sitting in the juices that collect in the pan and promotes air circulation for even cooking. Many of our Broil Cook-Programs call for it. Not using the Roasting Rack will affect cooking times and cause the bottom of the meat to steam rather than crisp.
Can broiling be messy?
Broil uses high heat to cook foods very quickly and when the hot fat and water that drips from foods mix, they can splatter. If you broil frequently, you may need to clean the inside of your June Oven more often.

Have other questions about broiling in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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