Adjustable Cook-Programs

by Weber Grills


Customize your favorite Cook-Programs by adjusting the time and saving them just the way you like. You can adjust the time in a Cook-Program before you have started cooking or after you are done cooking. When you make these adjustments, your June Oven will ask if you would like to save this customization for when you select the same program in the future.

Before You Cook

Let’s take bagels, for example.

  • On your oven’s screen, tap on Programs, locate Toast and select Bagels
  • Swipe through the helpful cooking tips and tap Continue
  • Before you start toasting, tap on the button that has your toast preference and number of slices. It might read something like: Medium, 2 slices
  • Tap on Length at the bottom of the preferences and adjust the timer by percentage
  • Tap on the check-mark to make sure the adjusted time is saved

You are now ready to toast your bagel with a customized Cook-Program!



After You Cook

You might be familiar with the option of extending cooking time at the end of your cook session. With adjustable Cook-Programs, you can save those adjustments to your June Oven for the next time you select the same program. Also, if you finish or cancel the Cook-Program before it is complete, the June Oven will ask if you would like to save these changes.

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