Grill Cook Mode

by Weber Grills

Grilling in June Oven


Designed to use our Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle, grilling makes your June Oven more capable than ever.

How it works

The Grill Cook Mode is engineered to be used with the Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle. The June Oven will prompt you to preheat the grill/griddle with the ridged side facing upward on the bottom shelf. Preheating can take up to fifteen minutes and enables the grill/griddle to deliver consistent heat throughout the entire cook process. Once the preheating is complete, it’s time to start grilling.

Customize your grilling experience

The Grill mode supports Medium and Low heat levels. High heat is available on second generation ovens and later. Similar to grilling outdoors, you will need to monitor the cook process and decide if and/or when you’d like to flip the food. You have the option to use the Food Thermometer and set a target cook temperature. To learn more about using the Food Thermometer when cooking, check out this guide.

Cook-Programs and Recipes

Cook-Programs have been added for Steak, Pork Chops, Jumbo Shrimp, and Chicken Breasts. Grill with these for step-by-step guidance, complete with flip notifications and optimal rest times. The Food Thermometer is required, but you can select your heat level and desired doneness temperature.

The Cookbook within the June App has also been expanded with new recipes optimized for the grill/griddle, such as Vegetable Skewers, Beef Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce, and Grilled Lamb Pita Burgers.

Frequently asked questions

What tips do you have for grilling in June?

When grilling in June, we recommend using thicker cuts of protein, approximately 1.25” thick. Thinner cuts will cook through before they sear. Make sure each piece is about the same size so they finish cooking at the same time. Don’t crowd the grill surface as this will trap steam and prevent a nice sear.

What heat setting should I use?
When in doubt, you’ll get the best results from using the highest heat setting available on your oven, as that will provide richly-colored sear marks.
When I grill outside there is smoke. Will this make my kitchen smoky?
When using the high temperatures required for grilling, smoke does come with the territory. When you start from the Grill mode and not a Cook-Program, your oven will present a message that asks you to confirm you want to use the high setting. You can minimize smoke indoors by not using marinades with high sugar contents and ensuring excess marinade drips off the meat before being placed on the grill surface.
I am having trouble putting my food on the cast iron or flipping it. Can I slide the grill out while I perform these activities?
You can carefully slide the shelf with the grill on it ⅓ of the way out of the oven, so that ⅔ remains inside the oven. This provides room to maneuver your food while also maintaining a stable and level surface.
I used the "Beef Steak" Cook-Program set to Medium doneness. Why is my June Oven telling me to take out my steak at a lower temperature?
The Grill Cook-Programs are designed to factor in “carry-over cooking”, a process where the geometric center of meat continues to rise in temperature even after it’s been removed from the heat source. Steak will continue to cook in the middle as heat from the exterior transfers to the center for about 5 minutes. If desired, you can select “Keep Cooking” and let your steak continue to your desired temperature before removing it.
How do I clean up after grilling?

Allow your Enameled Cast Iron grill/griddle to cool completely before removing from the oven for cleaning. Grilled meats can leave behind liquified fat that can be extremely hot. Once cool, slide the grill pan towards you ⅓ of the way off the rack, get a firm grip, and then carry to the sink.

Drain off any residual liquid and then proceed to clean with mild dish soap and water using a non-abrasive sponge or brush. For more stubborn residue, use a mild cleanser such as Bar Keeper’s Friend or Bon Ami. Do not use bleach and do not put the grill/griddle in the dishwasher. Dry thoroughly with a towel and store.

Grilling can result in splatter inside your oven and may require cleaning your oven more frequently. For the best ways to clean the June Oven, check out this guide.

I already have a grill pan...can I use that instead?
All of June’s Grill Cook-Programs and recipes are designed to use our Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle, which ensures you the same results we get in our test kitchen. The Grill mode hasn’t been tested with third-party products and may lead to inconsistent cooks, especially if the pan has raised sides that impede air circulation. Do not substitute a nonstick pan for any Grill Cook-Programs or recipes.

Have other questions about grilling in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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