Bake Cook Mode

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Baking in June Oven


One of June Oven’s core features, Bake is the go-to choice for baking and most general oven cooking.

How it works

The Bake Cook Mode primarily radiates heat from the lower elements, creating a hot environment underneath the pan to help baked goods rise. The upper heating element output is reduced, ensuring that things don’t brown before they are fully cooked through.

Customize your baking experience

With strong heat coming from below and gentle heat from above, this is a great all-around option for most things, and is the safe bet when you aren’t sure which setting to use. As the most versatile cooking mode, Bake supports temperatures from 100–500 °F, with the ability to set the timer or use the Food Thermometer to set a target doneness temperature. To learn more about using the Food Thermometer when cooking, check out this guide.

Bake is designed to cook one pan of food at a time and has best results when using the middle shelf position. Baking pans with high sides – such as Bundt or loaf pans – will require the bottom shelf position.

Cook-Programs and Recipes

We devoted an entire category of Cook-Programs to the most popular baked goods. These custom-engineered presets are designed to start from a cold oven, saving you preheating time and helping you get Fudgy Brownies or Chocolate Chip Cookies on the table faster than ever. Bake Mode also drives many of our exclusive Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Cook-Programs.

The Cookbook within the June App is filled with recipes geared towards bakers of all skill levels. Whether you’re making peanut butter cookies for the first time or an experienced baker looking for a good chocolate babka recipe, our recipes have got you covered. Don’t have a sweet tooth? The even heat of baking also helps make our Steel Cut Oats, Spaghetti Squash Halves, and Buffalo Mac and Cheese possible.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Bake and Roast?

Bake uses strong heat below with gentle heat above and works best for baked goods and casseroles. Roast uses the opposite, with strong heat above and gentle heat below and is ideal for meats, vegetables, and getting golden, crispy edges. To learn more about Roast, check out this guide.

Can I use my own baking pans and dishes in June?
Of course! You can use any oven-safe pan or dish that fits inside June Oven. Just as with a normal oven, the material of your pan or dish can drastically affect cooking times since glass, metals, ceramics and silicones all conduct heat differently. When making a recipe from June App or using a Cook-Program, we recommend using the accessories called for to guarantee your results.
Can I line the Nonstick Pan with parchment or foil?
Nonstick Pan is designed with our signature nonstick coating to offer easy release and fast cleanup without any lining. You may use parchment or foil, but know this will impact baking times and performance.
Can I bake with convection in the June Oven?
Convection is off by default in Bake but can be turned on or off during cooking using the Cook Settings menu on your oven screen. We found June Oven bakes best with the convection fans turned off. If you choose to use convection while baking, we recommend lowering the oven temperature 25 °F below what your recipe indicates and decreasing the cook time by 25%.

Have other questions about baking in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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