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A hands-off cooking experience

Cook-Programs are automated cooking sessions that progress through various actions to optimally cook the food selected. These programs take the guesswork out of mealtime to give you consistent results for frequently cooked foods. A list of all available Cook-Programs can be found here.

Each Cook-Program goes through a rigorous development and testing process by our team to determine the best cooking method. They feature multiple steps that use various oven temperatures, heating element intensities, and convection behaviors. All of this happens behind the scenes so all you have to do is put in your food, tell June how you want it cooked and sit back and relax.

Customize to your tastes

Cook-Programs can be started using the Programs button on the oven’s touchscreen, from the Programs section of the June app or from one of June’s suggestions when Food Recognition detects food in the oven. You can learn more about Food Recognition and June’s recommendations here.

Before a Cook-Program starts your oven will provide some cooking suggestions for the best results, such as what shelf to use, the best way to slice your vegetables or where to put the temperature probe. Some Cook-Programs will ask for additional information to customize to your tastes and these options are contextual based on the food. Learn more about Cook-Program Tips here.

For example, when preparing a steak you will be asked what level of doneness you’d prefer or when making asparagus you’ll be asked whether the spears are thick or thin. If you selected a Food ID suggested Cook-Program, certain fields will already be pre-populated for you.

You may find you like certain foods cooked for more or less time than the default settings. If you end a cook early or choose to extend the time, June will ask if you’d like to save the new time as the default for preparing this food in the future.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to preheat my oven before using a Cook-Program?

Cook-Programs start from a room-temperature oven and the initial heating of the oven is turned into cooking time, making meals faster than waiting for a preheat. The only exceptions are programs that use the Enameled Cast Iron Grill/Griddle since the cast iron needs to get hot before cooking.

What Cook-Programs do you have for frozen foods?
We have a “Frozen Foods” category that features most of our programs for frozen items. You can find others in “Combos”, as well as in the “Trader Joe’s” and “Whole Foods” collections.
Can I add Cook-Programs mid-cook, such as starting chicken nuggets and adding French fries?
A Cook-Program must be ended before starting a new one. Looking to run multiple programs at one time? Explore our “Combos” category.
Can I use marinades on the food when I use a Cook-Program?
Yes. We recommend allowing most of the marinade to drip off before placing the food in the pan for cooking. Many of our programs utilize high heat at some stage of the process and marinades with high sugar contents may generate smoke during cooking.
Can I add more time or cook for less time if I feel it needs it?
To cook for less time, simply remove your food and end the cooking session. If you’d like to cook longer, select [Keep Cooking] once the program is finished to extend the time. In both cases June will ask if you’d like to save this new time to use for future cooks.
I saved a custom time to a Cook-Program. How do I reset it?
Select the desired Cook-Program and click on the preferences displayed below the [Start Cooking] button. Then select [Timer] and adjust back to 0. This menu is accessible at any time so you can make changes before cooking without having to add time at the end if you wish.
Is it possible to cook without the Food Thermometer for some Cook-Programs? It keeps asking me to use the thermometer and I cannot bypass this step.
Certain Cook-Programs use the internal temperature of the food as a signal for when to proceed to the next step, such as when cooking a chicken breast. These programs will not work without the thermometer input. If you’d like to cook these foods without the Food Thermometer, you can prepare them using the oven’s Cook Modes.
I am making cookies using the Chocolate Chip Cookies Cook-Program, and my second batch of cookies took less time than the first using the same program. What happened?
June’s Cook-Programs are crafted to start from an ambient oven temperature and factors preheating into the total cooking time. When your oven is already warm from cooking something else, June recalculates and adjusts the program for the new starting temperature. This applies to all Cook-Programs.
Can I create my own Cook-Programs?
Currently this feature is only available within the iOS version of the June App. You can learn about creating Custom Cook-Programs in this article.
Can I switch between Cook-Programs mid-cook, like switching from Steak to Broccoli?
With the exception of our Combos category of Cook-Programs, June's Cook-Programs are intended to cook one food at a time. There are recipes in the Cookbook section of the app that will cook more than one food together, but these were the result of trial and error by our R&D team.
If you want to cook more than one food at once, we recommend setting your Cook-Program to the main item (usually the protein) for best results. When cooking a vegetable along with a protein, we recommend spreading the vegetables across the Nonstick Pan and placing the protein in the middle.
For proteins that cook faster than vegetables, you can start your vegetables first. Using Broccoli and Steak as an example, browsing our Cook-Programs shows that Broccoli takes 20 minutes and a medium-rare Steak takes about 14 minutes. Since Broccoli takes 6 minutes longer, you could start the Broccoli Cook-Program and cancel it after 6 minutes. Then leaving the broccoli in the pan you could follow the directions for the Steak Cook-Program so the broccoli finishes cooking while the steak cooks. When attempting these kinds of cooks, keep in mind the times are estimates only. The heat intensities used for two Cook-Programs may be different and may result in the vegetable overcooking.
There’s something I make all the time but there’s no Cook-Program for that. How do I submit a request?
We’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas with our culinary research and development team by emailing
How often do you add new Cook-Programs?

We add new Cook-Programs once they have passed rigorous testing and met the high standards of our Culinary Team. Cook-Programs are intermittently released throughout the year.

Have other questions we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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