Toast Cook Mode

by Weber Grills

Toasting in June Oven


One of June Oven’s core features, Toast is perfect for toast, bagels, and all kinds of bread products.

How it works

The Toast Cook Mode uses intense radiant heat from the upper and lower heating elements to heat and brown bread products. The convection fans are off while toasting.

Customize your toasting experience

Instead of setting a temperature, Toast allows you to select a Toast Level on a 1 to 9 scale, which behaves like a browning control slider on a traditional slot toaster. A lower number means less time with less browning, while a higher number means more time and more browning. Toast is designed for bread to be placed right on Wire Rack in the middle shelf position. Bagels and English muffins should have their cut-sides facing up.

Cook-Programs and Recipes

Toast is one of the most commonly used functions on the June Oven and we’ve designed lots of Cook-Programs for the most popular toasted items. These custom-engineered presets allow you to specify the number of slices (up to 8) and the doneness from “Extra light” to “Dark”. Best of all, Food ID technology allows June’s camera to detect what you’re trying to toast and suggest the best Cook-Program on the oven’s screen. Just slide in your bagel, hot dog buns, or waffles, and June will know how to cook it. For a full list of Food ID ready foods June can identify, check out this article.

Frequently asked questions

How many slices of toast can I make at a time?
June can toast 8 slices of sandwich bread at a time.
Can I toast frozen bread?
You can toast frozen bread, but it will take longer than room temperature bread. June cannot identify if bread is frozen and will require you to adjust the cooking time manually.
How can I make my toast just right?

Lots of factors will affect how bread reacts to heat and can result in toasting going faster or slower than expected. Here are the top factors to consider:

  • Thickness: June’s Cook-Programs were designed for commercially-sliced bread. If you are slicing your homemade bread, keep your slices as close to ½-inch as possible for best results
  • Sugar: Breads with high sugar contents (such as brioche, honey, or maple breads) will color and toast faster than plain breads. Check on these halfway through cooking to monitor browning.
  • Mix-ins: Bread with mix-ins like olives or apples will take longer to toast.
  • Alternative flours: Gluten-free breads tend to brown slower and may require more time to toast.
What things can I cook with Toast?

Toast is designed for bread products where both sides get browned with direct heat and are placed directly on the Wire Rack. This includes bread slices, bagels, burger and hot dog buns, English muffins, and breakfast confections like Pop-Tarts or Toaster Strudel. When bread is placed in the Nonstick Pan use a different Cook Mode for best results, such as Bake for croutons or Broil for crostini.

Have other questions about toasting in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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