Proof Cook Mode

by Weber Grills

Proofing Dough in June Oven


Introduced in 2020, Proof turns your June Oven into the perfect environment for letting doughs rise.

How it works

The Proof Cook Mode provides very low heat to maintain a gentle climate for yeast to grow. The convection fans don’t run while proofing to keep dough from drying out before it fully rises. Proof supports temperatures from 80–120 ºF with the ability to set a timer for 10 minutes to 24 hours. If desired, the Food Thermometer can be used to monitor and set a target temperature.

Here are some basic proofing instructions to get you started:

  1. Set June to Proof at 80 ºF with the Wire Rack in the lowest position.
  2. Transfer your dough to a greased mixing bowl, ideally one made of metal or glass.
  3. Loosely cover the bowl with a sheet of food-grade plastic wrap and put in June to proof.
  4. Your dough should have doubled in size and be fully proofed in 1 ½ - 2 hours.

Frequently asked questions

What shelf do I use?

Usually, dough should be proofed using the bottom shelf rack in the bowl or pan they will be baked in. This ensures there is no risk of the dough rising into the upper heating elements. However, certain recipes like Focaccia or Detroit-Style Pizza use low and wide pans and these can be proofed in the middle shelf position.

Do I have to cover my dough when I’m proofing it?

Covering the dough keeps the surface of the dough from drying out, which makes a hard shell that prevents the dough from rising properly. You can use a tea towel to cover the dough but we prefer food-grade plastic wrap. If June’s camera can see the dough, you can remotely monitor progress!

Can I raise the temperature so my bread proofs faster?

Yes, but our culinary team does not recommend this. The rising process is where a lot of the flavor is developed in the dough — the slower this process, the deeper the dough’s flavor. No-knead breads are a great example of this, where a long proof (usually 24 hours) results in bakery-quality flavors. Our culinary team crafted our recipes to proof at 80 °F for the best mix of speed and flavor.

Can I only use this for bread?

Proof’s stable temperature conditions also make it ideal for softening butter, keeping tempered chocolate at the perfect point for dipped desserts or for culturing yogurt. We’d love to hear what you do with it!

Have other questions about proofing dough in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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