Reheat Cook Mode

by Weber Grills

Reheating in June Oven


One of June Oven’s core features, Reheat is perfect for warming leftovers.

How it works

The Reheat Cook Mode uses a mix of upper and lower heating elements to provide even heat on all sides. The convections fans are off while reheating to keep food from drying out.

Customize your toasting experience

Reheat is designed for ease of use. Place leftovers on the middle rack and June gradually warms to 350 °F. You have the option of setting a timer or using the Food Thermometer to set a target internal temperature. When reheating to temperature, USDA food safety guidelines suggest reaching an internal temperature of 165 °F. To learn more about using the Food Thermometer when cooking, check out this guide.

When reheating these common foods, we recommend using our custom Cook-Programs:

  • Leftover chicken
  • Leftover chicken wings (regular or breaded)
  • Leftover ribs
  • Pizza slices (standard, deep dish, thin crust)

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between June's Reheat and Keep Warm functions?

Keep Warm is meant to keep food at serving temperature that was just cooked, while Reheat is designed to warm refrigerated food back to serving temperature. Keep Warm uses a much lower temperature output. Learn more about Keep Warm here.

Should I cover my food for reheating?

In general, cover something with foil as it reheats to trap in moisture and leave uncovered when you want crispy edges. Sometimes the best solution is keeping it covered for half of the cook time, and then finishing it uncovered. Keep in mind that the foil will prevent air from circulating around food and slows the reheating process.

Do I have to use the Nonstick Pan to reheat food? Can I reheat in whatever I originally cooked in?

You can reheat in any vessel you like, provided it is oven safe to at least 400°F. If you want to reheat in a glass or ceramic dish still cold from the fridge, make sure it’s thermal shock resistant. Cold pans from the fridge will also take longer to reheat, so transferring food to the Nonstick Pan may save time. Keep in mind serving platters and bowls may not be oven safe.

Does June Oven recognize food that is meant to be reheated instead of cooked when suggesting Cook-Programs?

June’s Food ID cannot determine whether food is raw or cooked and defaults to the raw option. For example, you would need to select the “Leftover Chicken Wings” Cook-Program from the menu and not the “Chicken Wings” program June suggests, as this is meant for raw chicken wings. The only exception is Leftover Pizza Slices (Classic or Thin Crust) which Food-ID can identify and suggest the proper reheating program.

I have takeout leftovers that came in a foil tray. I can't put it in the microwave...can I reheat it in June?

Yes. We recommend setting the foil tray on the Nonstick Pan so it’s easy to take out of the oven once hot.

Have other questions about toasting in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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