Food ID - Recognizing Food with June's Camera

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Food ID uses June’s camera to identify food placed in the oven and recommends the best program to cook it. June recognizes 90+ frequently cooked foods and we keep a full list here. Food ID is on by default, but can be turned off in Settings.

Using Food ID

Every time food is placed in the oven, June’s camera “sees” what’s there and uses machine learning algorithms and datasets to identify the food and match it to one of our Cook-Programs. This all happens in less than a second as the door is closed.

June will chime and Food ID suggestions show up in the top third of the touchscreen, temporarily replacing the clock. June will display two recommendations, with the primary recommendation being on the left. For example, in the animation above June sees the chicken and recommends the Whole Chicken and Spatchcock Chicken Cook-Programs.

Select the right recommendation to open the Cook-Program and start cooking. If the recommended Cook-Programs feature adjustable quantities (like slices of toast), Food ID will also count how many items are present and automatically adjust the Cook-Program for you.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to preheat my oven first?

Food ID only runs when the oven door closes while in standby mode and not actively heating. Food ID does not look for food when another Cook Mode is active.

What foods can June count?
June can count bread slices and toast-able items (such as English muffins, bagels and Pop-tarts), bacon, and eggs (in shell or in the Egg Pan).
June counted 6 food items but I only put 3 in. Can I fix that?
If June miscounted how many food items are present, you can change the number by tapping the number and adjusting the [Quantity] in the Cook-Program preference menu. June will learn from your adjustments over time.
If I put lots of seasoning on my protein, will June still recognize it?
Thick layers of seasonings, especially ones that change a food’s color, can interfere with your oven’s ability to recognize foods. Toppings, such as a layer of thinly sliced lemon on a salmon filet, may also obstruct the camera’s view of the protein. In these cases, you can manually start your desired Cook Program from the oven’s touchscreen or the June app.
June isn’t recognizing my food anymore or is suggesting the wrong foods. What should I do?

First, confirm the food you’d like to recognize is on the food recognition list and is supported by your oven model. June won’t be able to recognize foods that aren’t in its database.

If that food is supported by your oven, there may be residue on your camera’s glass that is affecting Food ID’s accuracy. If your oven continues to have trouble identifying foods after cleaning, contact our Support Team.

Can June recognize multiple foods at once and cook them together automatically?
At this time Food ID will only recognize one food item and suggest that Cook-Program. The one exception is Salmon and Green Beans, which June will recognize and cook together.
If you're trying to cook two foods at once, check our list of Combo Cook-Programs. For these you can put both items on the same tray and June will use a special program to optimally cook them both. If a Combo program doesn't exist for what you're trying to cook, we recommend setting the Cook-Program to the main food item (usually the protein) for the best results.
Can the June Oven recognize some food that is meant to be reheated, not cooked?
Food ID may not be able to determine whether a food is uncooked versus cooked. Most Cook-Programs suggested by Food ID are intended for uncooked foods. If in doubt, browse Cook-Programs. The Leftovers category contains programs for reheating. To reheat foods that don’t have existing programs, we recommend using the Reheat Cook Mode .
Do I need an internet connection to use Food ID?
No. The entire Food ID process takes place on-device and doesn’t require an active internet connection. You will need an internet connection to download new Food ID programs as part of regular software updates.
How do I request new foods to be recognized?
We want to ensure Food ID works the best that it possibly can, so we only add foods for recognition after research and testing by our R&D teams. If you have a food you'd like to see added, email us at

Have more questions about the Food ID? Contact our support team.

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