Keep Warm Cook Mode

by Weber Grills

Keeping Food Warm in June Oven


One of June Oven’s core features, Keep Warm helps keep your meal hot until you’re ready to eat.

How it works

The Keep Warm Cook Mode provides even heat that gently holds food at ready-to-serve temperatures. Many of the options available in other modes are disabled and June will hold a fixed 170 °F, with a timer that counts up from when it started. The middle rack is the ideal placement for even heating and some food may need to be tented with foil to trap moisture in.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between June's Reheat and Keep Warm functions?

Keep Warm is meant to keep food at serving temperature that was just cooked, while Reheat is designed to warm refrigerated food back to serving temperature. Keep Warm uses a much lower temperature output than Reheat. Learn more about Reheat here.

If a recipe calls for resting a protein, can I use the Keep Warm mode for this?

We don’t recommend using Keep Warm when resting proteins after cooking. Resting should be done outside the June Oven. Many proteins have ideal doneness temperatures below 170 °F (think medium-rare steak, roast pork, and most seafood) and using Keep Warm would continue to cook these foods.

Can I use my June like a warming drawer to heat my plates before dinner?

June can be used to warm stacks of plates before dinner, especially if preparing something that benefits from a warm serving plate like risotto. The Bake mode set to 140-150 °F is another option to keep the plates warm but not too hot. Always check to make sure plates will withstand temperatures up to 170 °F before heating with Keep Warm, and remember to use oven mitts.

Have other questions about keeping foor warm in your June Oven we haven’t answered here? Contact our service team.

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