Custom Cook-Programs

by Weber Grills


[This feature is only available on the June app for iOS.]

Custom Cook-Programs allow you to make Cook-Programs for your own recipes and creations. You can use all of June’s 12 Cook Programs and set various temperatures, timers and thermometer probe settings.

Here’s how to make a Custom Cook-Program:

  1. Open Custom Cook-Programs: Locate Custom Cook-Programs by going to [Custom] from the Programs section of the June app. Select [Create Custom Program].
  2. Select a Cook Mode: Select one of the 12 Cook Modes for the first step. Depending on your selection June may ask for additional information, such as what temperature to run at, whether the convection fans should be on, or the intensity level of the heating elements.
  3. Select When to Stop: After selecting a Cook Mode, tell June how long you’d like that mode to run. This can be done by using a Timer (a specific length of time) or a Food Target (until the Food Thermometer detects a specific temperature).
  4. Add More Steps (Optional): Continue repeating steps 2 and 3 until your cook program reaches the desired length.
  5. Finalize Steps (Optional): To change a step you already created, click on that to edit. Use [Reorder] at the top right to rearrange steps by dragging, or delete them by clicking the red minus buttons.
  6. Name and Save: When your program looks how you want it, select [Next]. You can give your program a name and upload your own photo. Selecting [Finish] will save your program.

Your custom programs will now show up when you select [Custom] from the Programs menu. Selecting a program will display the program and give you the option to [Start Cooking]. Select [...] at the upper right if you’d like to edit your custom program’s name, photo or steps.

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of things can I make with Custom Cook-Programs?

Anything you can imagine! Here are some examples:

  • Use two Bake steps of different temperatures when a pie recipe indicates lowering the oven temperature halfway through cooking.
  • Use a Bake step followed by a Broil step for a crispy finish on mac and cheese or any casserole.
I am getting a new June Oven. What happens to the Custom Cook-Programs I made with my previous generation June Oven?
Custom Cook-Programs are connected to the Apple ID that downloaded the June app from the App Store. They should appear shortly after the same iOS device is paired with the new oven. If they don’t appear on their own, you can trigger them to update by using [Settings]>[Software Update] on your oven. Cook-Programs download in the background, so they should appear soon after updating.

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