Wire Shelf

by Weber Grills



June’s Wire Shelf holds your cookware and food at the right height for optimal cooking. This can be placed at three different shelf positions.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 16.5” x 11.7” x 0.35”
  • Weight: 1.1 lb
  • Material: Mild steel. 2-part chrome-over-copper plating for heat and wear resistance.


  • Oven safe up to 500 °F.
  • Required for cooking in all models of June Oven.

Care and cleaning

We recommend hand-washing. For deep cleaning, spray with oven cleaner in the sink and wait for solvent to work. Once stains lift off easily, rinse and dry. Repeat as necessary.

Frequently asked questions

What shelf position should I use?

The Wire Shelf should be in the middle shelf position for most cooking. If you have something that would come into contact with the top heating elements in the middle position such as a whole chicken or a bundt pan, use the lower shelf position. Use the lower shelf position when using the Reversible Cast Iron Grill/Griddle for the Grill or Pizzaiolo Cook Modes. Use the top shelf position when you want strong browning when broiling.

Can I cook with multiple Wire Shelves at once?

June comes with one Wire Shelf. June's Cookbook recipes and Cook-Programs are primarily calibrated for single-rack cooking only.

If you want to try using more than one rack while using one of our Cook Modes, keep in mind this may impact how your food cooks. We suggest rotating and swapping pan positions halfway through to ensure a consistent cook with even color, similar to what you’d do with multiple shelves in a full-size oven.

Have other questions about the Wire Shelf? Contact our support team.

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