How to Clean the Oven

by Weber Grills

Cleaning Your June Oven

Frequent cleaning will help June perform at its best. Most of June’s cleaning instructions can be found by selecting [Clean] from the oven's home screen. You can also lock your oven for cleaning the touchscreen and the interior from this menu.

Regular Cleaning

After you finish cooking and your oven has cooled down, remove the Crumb Tray and wipe out the inside walls and camera with a damp cloth or paper towel. Discard any crumbs and wipe the crumb tray clean before returning to your oven. This helps slow grease build up and will reduce the frequency of deep cleanings.

Below is more information on cleaning specific parts of your June Oven.

Oven Interior

Touchscreen and Door


Oven Exterior

Frequently asked questions

Does June have a self cleaning mode?

June does not have an automatic self cleaning mode, but for tough grease you can enable the Deep Cleaning in the oven's Clean menu to lock the oven overnight and use your cleaning solvent of preference.

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