Cleaning Between the Oven's Door Glass (2nd & 3rd Generations Only)

by Weber Grills

[This article is for June Oven (2nd and 3rd generation). For cleaning instructions for June Oven (1st generation) with removable glass, go to this article.]

Cleaning Between the June Oven’s Door Glass

June Oven’s door is made up of three layers of glass–a sealed double layer of heat resistant glass on the inside and a single layer of glass on the front. Vents on the top and bottom create a passive cooling air curtain between the front and heat resistant glass, keeping the touch panel at safe operating temperatures. Dust and debris may occasionally fall through the vents and here are the best ways to clean them out.

Dry Debris

For most dry debris, compressed air is the easiest way to clean out the air gap. With the door closed, aim the straw nozzle down through the top vents and use the compressed air to guide debris down and out through the bottom vents.

Dust may have static charge and won’t budge with compressed air. A flat Swiffer duster cloth can be gently inserted into the vents to grab these. For stubborn debris that gets caught on the bottom vent ledge, a spare dry toothbrush can be used to “sweep” debris out the bottom vents.

Liquid Spills

Liquids should never be used to clean between the glass layers and nothing should ever be sprayed into the door vents. In the rare occurrence something drips inside, dry it as quickly as possible using a piece of paper towel wrapped around the end of a pencil or chopstick held in place with a rubber band.

For spills that have already dried, lightly spray a paper towel with glass cleaner before affixing it to the end of a pencil or chopstick. The paper towel should feel moist to the touch but not have any liquid drip out if squeezed. Gently rub the dried spill until it is removed and dry immediately with a paper towel. Do not touch the touchscreen housing or let any liquid drip near the touchscreen during this process.


While dust buildup and some debris will be unavoidable, here are some prevention tips to keep your door’s air gap clean:

  • Keep the oven door open when cleaning or dusting the top of your June Oven to keep things from falling in the top vents.

  • Debris may build up on your door skirt–the ledge where the door hinges mount to the oven. Wipe this down as part of your regular cleaning.

  • Remember: never cover the vents on the door. June needs these unobstructed to cool the touchscreen properly.

Have more questions about cleaning between the door glass? Contact our support team.

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