Cleaning Your Oven's Camera and Lights

by Weber Grills

June’s Dirty Camera Detection will let you know when grease on the camera cover is interfering with Food ID and other oven features. You can turn these notifications on and off in the Maintenance menu.

Here's how to clean your oven's camera and lights:

  1. Turn on the camera menu: Select [Clean] > [Camera] from your oven's touchscreen to activate the Camera Cleaning Menu. This will show your camera's Live View on the oven's touchscreen.
  2. Wipe the camera glass: While carefully avoiding the heating elements around the camera, wipe the square glass cover with a hot damp soapy cloth to remove any grease build-up. It may be helpful to rest one hand on top of the oven and lean over to make sure you can see the camera glass before reaching into the oven to ensure you avoid the heating elements.
  3. Wipe the lights: Once the camera glass is clean, gently wipe the lights on either side of the camera.
  4. Dry: Using a paper towel or clean cloth, dry the camera glass and lights.

Have questions about cleaning your camera? Contact our Support Team.

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