Fast Heating Technology

by Weber Grills

Carbon Fiber Heating Elements

June contains six carbon fiber heating elements, with four at the top of the oven and two at the bottom. With “Instant-On” technology they are able switch from off to their max output in seconds, significantly faster than elements in traditional ovens. When using a Cook Mode to Bake or Roast like a traditional oven, June will preheat in half the time with a higher level of accuracy.

The “Instant-On” technology also enables June to quickly pivot between various heating styles when using a Cook-Program. These start from room-temperature and incorporate the oven’s fast preheat into the cook time.

Exclusive to the third generation June Oven, the heating elements can behave independently from each other for zone-specific cooking and lets June act like a Virtual Rotisserie.

Dual Convection

June has two powerful convection fans at the rear of the oven. These circulate hot air from the heating elements throughout the oven to minimize hot and cold spots and cook food faster. Their strength also powers the Air Fry and Dehydrate Cook Modes.

The convection fans will always be on during preheat. After preheating, they will remain on or turn off depending on what Cook Mode you are using. Depending on the Cook Mode, you may be able to switch Convection on or off during cooking.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to preheat when using June?

No. Most Cook-Programs and Guided Recipes are designed to skip a traditional preheat. You may need to preheat occasionally for select programs. Preheat is not required for Toast, Keep Warm, Slow Cook, Proof, Dehydrate or Reheat.

If you are making one of your own recipes, preheat like you normally would.

When do I use convection?
Foods that are roasted, like meats and vegetables, really benefit from convection cooking. They cook faster, more evenly, and the drier environment yields crispy skin and caramelizes exteriors much better. When using a Cook-Program, the best convection settings are chosen for you.
Do I need to do anything different when using convection on my own recipes?

If the recipe was written for convection or your traditional oven has convection active when you make it, no adjustments need to be made.

If the recipe wasn’t written for a convection oven, we recommend adjusting the temperature of any recipes you love down by about 15-20°F and reducing the cook time by 25%. You can use Live View in the June app to keep an eye on the browning.

Have more questions about the heating elements or convection? Contact our support team.

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