Clock Settings Menu

by Weber Grills

June’s clock can be set automatically, or manually. By default, the clock is set using Network Sync. Select [Settings] from your June Oven’s home screen, then [Clock] if you’d like to change your settings.

The following options are available:

  • Network Sync: Toggle syncing your oven’s clock with your WiFi network on and off. When active, June will use your wireless network to set your date and time. If turned off, new fields will appear below the Time Zone allowing you to manually set the time and date.
  • Time Zone: Manually adjust the time zone on your oven. Your oven will select a time zone automatically when connecting to WiFi, but you can manually change it to any of the following options: Samoa, Hawaii, Aleutian, Alaska, Pacific, Arizona, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, Chamorro.

If your clock is missing or displaying the wrong time, use our troubleshooting guide.

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