App Permissions Settings Menu

by Weber Grills

This menu can be located by selecting [Settings] from your June Oven’s home screen.

The following options are in the App Permission menu:

  • All Access: Oven will accept all commands from any securely paired connected devices. This is June’s default setting.
  • No Preheat: Oven can’t be started by any connected apps, but will accept commands if it’s already running. This means you can’t preheat the oven remotely (from the June app or using Alexa’s voice commands), but can adjust or cancel any cook session that was started from the oven’s touchscreen. This will prevent you from using any of June’s Guided Recipes that require a preheat.
  • Blocked: Oven appears offline to all connected apps and services. When selecting this option you will be asked to confirm you wish to block all connected apps, including all notifications and cooking data. This prevents you from using any of June’s Guided Recipes, Alexa voice commands, or any feature that uses the June app. Your connected devices remain paired with the oven and switching back to All Access or No Preheat will restore these connections automatically.
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