Before First Use and Safety FAQs

by Weber Grills
Does the June Oven come with any safety features?

June Oven comes with a variety of software and hardware safety features including a touch-safe exterior, Auto-Stop, Screen Lock, and overheating safeguards. Learn more about June's safety features here.

Is there a child lock that I can enable on June Oven?

If you have an active toddler or simply want to lock your screen when you're not using it, you can use Screen Lock in June's settings to prevent unintentional activation. Learn more about Screen Lock here.

Is June safe to touch when in use?

Insulation around the oven cavity keeps June’s outside at safe-to-touch temperatures. June’s door uses dual layer IR-reflective glass to keep the front cool-to-touch.

Can I put things on top of the oven?

We do not recommend placing objects on top of the oven. It is vitally important to keep the top vent holes open so the oven can continue to keep the camera cool and avoid overheating. Learn more about June's required ventilation space here.

Can I lean something against the sides of the oven?

We do not recommend letting things lean against your oven. It requires space on each side for air to circulate properly and avoid overheating. Learn more about June's required ventilation space here.

Can I cook with the oven door open?

If you open the oven door while the June Oven is in use, the heating elements will shut off temporarily as a safety feature. Once the oven door is closed, the heating elements will resume operation again.

Can I use foil in June?

Foil is safe to use in the June Oven, but please be careful to keep it away from the heating elements. For best cooking results, don't cover entire oven rack with foil because it will block air circulation.

We strongly recommend not lining the bottom of the oven with any type of foil or liner. If this is done, the liner can melt onto the heating elements causing permanent damage to the elements.

If I wanted to leave something in the oven and plan to cook it later remotely, is that possible?

As a safety feature, June will not preheat remotely when the camera detects something in the oven. Additionally, we do not recommend leaving perishables in June as it is not suitable for food storage and doesn't have a built-in cooling feature to keep food cold until it's ready to be cooked.

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