Minimum Electrical Requirements

by Weber Grills

June Oven has minimum electrical requirements needed to guarantee proper functioning. Using the oven without meeting these minimum needs can impact your cook sessions and trip the connected circuit.

June needs:

  • a 110V connection
  • a dedicated 20 amp circuit

Frequently asked questions

How long is June's power cord?

June Oven (2nd and 3rd generation)'s power cord is 48 inches (4 ft) long. June Oven (1st generation)'s power cord is 43 inches (3.6 ft) long.

Can I plug June into an extension cord or into the same outlet as other kitchen appliances?

It is recommended you plug your June Oven directly into its own electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit separate from other appliances.

If the electric circuit is overloaded with other appliances such as your microwave, your oven may not function properly. You may use an extension cord; however, if you do, the power cord has to be rated for at least 20 amps.

If you have other questions about June’s electrical requirements, please contact our Support Team.

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